Garden Eye Candy: Three Eggs, One Dog

Today's eggs. In the background, Hazelnut tends her flock.

For the past three days, our three hens have laid three eggs.  Three eggs a day is certainly more than the two of us can eat, so we’ve shared some with neighbors, and have nearly a dozen in the fridge.  I’ve also tried some new recipes, which I’ll happily share soon.

We have three buff orpington hens who live in a chicken ark in our backyard.  We’ve had the hens for a few months – in that time, they have grown a lot and just started laying a few weeks ago.  For us, the chickens are pets who produce food (we are vegetarians, so the hens themselves won’t end up on the dinner plate).  Perhaps best of all, they make eggs for us by consuming the weeds and bugs that live in our yard.  We’ll post more details about our urban chicken raising shortly.

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