You Heard it Here First: Free Seedlings!

A small number of transplants that I dropped off at our CSA pick-up spot.

In January, I started a bunch of seeds in a cold-frame in our front yard. Most of the seeds came up and over all, the endeavor was a success. I did, however, end up with far too many seedlings. I planted over a dozen variety of tomatoes and now need to move more than fifty plants. I brought about a dozen plants to our CSA pick-up site on Friday and will be leaving the rest on the picnic tables at Cherrywood Green starting at noon today. The majority of the tomatoes are heirloom varieties and there are full size and cherry plants that will produce many colors of tasty tomatoes. There are also a few melon and pepper plants. All of the seeds were grown naturally, without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides (I hesitate to say Organic, just because I’m not certified and all that jazz).

WHAT: Free Seedlings (Mostly Tomatoes)
WHEN: Sunday, May 2nd – Noon until they’re gone
WHERE: Cherrywood Green (1698 E. 34th Street, Austin)
WHY: Because everyone should grow they’re own food, even if it’s just a plant or two!

Please take what you will use and share your harvest with others!

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