ATX DIY is a site documenting the “do it ourselves” lifestyles of Emily and Bug.

Max and a Wild Thing - Halloween 2009

Emily – Shorter and younger, Emily moved to Austin in the summer of 2006 following the promise of adventure and sunshine. A natural born educator and crafter, Emily is never happier than when she’s sharing a new skill with a new friend. Emily grew up in Northern California and credits her nurturing post-hippie family with fostering her love of hands-on activities. Though she never formally studied art, in college Emily found community and camaraderie at a campus craft center where she volunteered, took classes, and eventually worked.  Inspired, Emily is now on a relentless mission to bring creative energy into the house she shares with Bug. Recently Emily has been exploring silk screening, soft circuitry, and sustainable cooking and gardening.

Bug – Taller and older, Bug moved to Austin in the fall of 2003 to escape the dreary drizzle of the Pacific Northwest. A proud and unapologetic geek, Bug has been exploring technology since his father gave him a pile of broken adding machines and a screwdriver when he was four. A traveler of both the world wide web and the actual planet Earth, Bug was particularly inspired by the community he encountered at Burning Man in the late 90’s. When he’s not behind the computer, Bug can be found gardening, tinkering, or patiently supporting Emily’s next big scheme. Recently, Bug has been exploring physical computing, chicken raising, and brewing beer.

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