It’s Been A Long Time: DIY In Absentia

Okay, now I’m one of those bloggers who’s apologizing for not posting anything for weeks and weeks. In mid July, I was asked to take on a much more time consuming position at my “real” job. It was a great opportunity, but didn’t exactly provide me with ample spare time to keep this blog updated. Starting in September, all of our spare time went in to preparing for the East Austin Studio Tour. Then of course, we were swept up in the fever that afflicts all do-it-yourselfers around the Holidays and spent countless hours working on making gifts for many awesome people.

The funny thing is, though we’ve been lazy bloggers, we’ve been incredibly active do-it-yourselfers. We’re already on to the next big projects (more on that soon), but I did want to share with y’all some of the great things we’ve made recently.

I drew an owl and a chicken and we screenprinted a bunch of tea-towels for gifts for various people.

I made a bunch of Bird Wreaths last year, but had some materials left over and made a few more for this holiday season.

I also helped our friends make gifts – our 4 and 5 year old buddies drew some art, including the allosaurus pictured above, and I turned them into screens. Then we printed tea towels and t-shirts.

I made a few bicycle tool rolls by screenprinting canvas, then sewing some pockets for wrenches, tire-irons, patch kits, etc. The whole kit rolls up into a handy little case:

Some other gifts we made but didn’t document as well were: screenprinted hoodies, screenprinted cards, beaded stitch markers for knitting, iPhone gloves (with conductive thread in the fingertips so you can answer your phone without taking your gloves off, and a screenprinted silk tie for my dad.

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That bicycle tool roll is RAD! Such a great idea!
Do you have an Etsy site? I bet you could sell a grip of those!

beesknees added these words on Feb 02 11 at 3:13 pm

As recipient of one of the aforementioned tool rolls, I guarantee that it is completely RAD and, to some extent, even tubular.

twotired added these words on Feb 25 11 at 3:35 pm

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