East Austin Studio Tour: EAST2010

Hi Folks!

Bug here with a quick update letting you know that we are so excited and proud to be participating in this year’s East Austin Studio Tour!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the East Austin Studio Tour, it’s an event where hundreds of artists who have workspaces on the East Side of town open their studios to the public. It’s free to come check out any of the 150 participating studios. Some artists will be doing demos, some will be selling their work (everything from jewelry, to painting, to fabric art, printmaking, woodworking, and lots more!).

We’ve been huge fans of the tour in past years, and its a big part of our inspiration in building our own studio.

Our recent focus over the past few months has been to transmogrify our backyard garage into a Screen-Printing studio. We’ve re-plumbed, re-wired, demolished and constructed, and I think it looks pretty good. We have two presses, and the ability to coat, develop, and reclaim screens.

And we want to teach all y’all how to do it!

Our studio (and other participating EAST studios) will be open on Saturday and Sunday, November 13th and 14th from 11am to 6pm and again next weekend on Saturday and Sunday, November 20th and 21st from 11am to 6pm. We are #134 in the catalog. The address is 1713 E. 38th Street. (map)

It’s a little out of the beaten path (further North than the bulk of the participating studios), but please do drop by! We can point you in the direction of other (in many ways much cooler) studios.

Bring a blank shirt (or other cloth-like item) to print on, if you’d like!

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