Sweet Dreams of Alligators, Mushrooms, and Dragonflies

Another picture heavy post – this time featuring a few baby quilts I’ve made recently.  Gift giving is one of my biggest motivations for making things.  It’s a great way to make something personal and I’m very inspired to create the perfect thing for a friends.  Recently, a handful of friends have had babies, and I’ve sewn a few quilts.  Usually my default “Welcome to the world” gift, I have fun picking out brightly colored patterns of flannel to make unique baby blankets that are anything but pastel.  So far I’ve stuck to simple square blocks with a solid back but maybe I’ll branch out to patterns someday.

I’ve been coveting this alligator flannel for a long time – I was happy to have an excuse to buy it and make it into a vibrant jungle quilt for a friend who recently had her second baby boy.

Here’s a wee-one all bundled up snug in her magic mushroom quilt.  I really dig the psychedelic heart fabric that I found for the backing.

My most ambitious quilt so far, I made this dragonfly blanket for a coworker whose nursery is decorated with Japanese woodblock prints.  I used a darning foot on the sewing machine and some of the skills learned from one of my craft gods, Kathie Sever of Ramonster and the Future Craft Collective.  I took her Freehand Machine Embroidery class at Stitch Lab, and although I am not even close to being able to create work like she does, I did feel like I learned a great skill and a few handy tricks in the class.

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